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Rear Tie Down Strap Hook




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If you tow your car to the track , you need a good way to hold down your E30, E36 or E46 BMW. The lower control arms under the 3 series are not ideal. You may have nice wheels on your car and in the case of an emergency, the tow guys might run a strap right on the lip of your rim, potentially ruining the finish. We have a solution to tie down your E30, E36, or E46. These rear shock tie down adapters make it a snap to locate and secure your vehicle when being transported. Sold in pairs (left and right). Comes in bare steel. Please ask if you are interested in plating No need for install and removal, stays on the car and does not alter performance. This rear BMW tie down strap hook is great as a supplement tie down point as well.

Price is for a pair (2 units). Enough to do 1 car.


  • E30
  • E36
  • E46
  • Z3, Z4


Garagistic Rear Shock Tie Down

Step 1: Safely and securely put the rear of the vehicle on jack stands.

Step 2: Support the trailing with you jack so it won’t fall when you remove the bottom shock bolt

Step 3: Remove the lower shock bolt and lower the trailing arm slowly.

Step 4: With the bigger side of the tie down facing the rear line up the small hole with the bottom of the shock and put the bolt through

Step 5: You can muscle up the shock or jack up the shock to line up the bolt with the trailing arm and start threading it. Torque 57ft-lbs.