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Motometer E30 Odometer Gear Repair Set - US MPH




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If you own an E30, chances are, your odometer is not counting miles driven and the trip odometer does not work. As much fun as it is, to guess when your next maintenance item or oil change is due, wouldn't it be nice to just fix this problem? Generally, this repair can be expensive, most shops charge over $200 for this service! Don't live with your broken E30 odometer! It is usually just the Motometer odometer gears that are the problem. Replacing your worn or broken gears will bring your odometer back to life. Better yet, it is an easy install that anyone can do! (see our installation instructions below)


The E30 chassis came with either a VDO or Motometer unit, unfortunately there is no specific year or model range to denote which one your car came with. There is a way to check, however. The first check is on the bezel for the gauge cluster right between the speedo and tach there should be a logo embossed there stating either VDO or Motometer. So long as the cluster has not been opened and a gauge swapped out this should be accurate to the model speedo/odo that is in the cluster. The 100% surefire way to know which version you have is to remove the cluster, open the case and on the circuit board on the back of the speedo/odo there should be a sticker or etching directly on the circuit board stating VDO or Motometer. With this information, you will know which gear set you will need!
E1 Gear: 12
First Gear: 16/44
Second Gear: 22/40
Third Gear: 22/35