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Garagistic Stickers




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Represent your right to be Garagistic! Throw a couple of these bad boys into your order. Each order includes two 6" stickers. Available in multiple colors.


The name Garagistic, derives from the Italian word garagisti that was first uttered from the mouth of Ferrari founder, Enzo Ferrari in the 1950s. It was used as an insult to describe the upstart British racing teams. It describes how Britain’s racing cars were built in their sheds or garages instead of big expensive shops those Italian manufacturers occupies. Garagist: the garage teams. At the time garagisti was intended towards a man with the name of Ron Dennis who was part owner and CEO of McLaren that dropped out of school to work in a garage. From then on, "garage teams" have had an immense super-car chip on their shoulder that equals the ego of a super-car owner. We wear the Garagistic name with pride by building our super-cars from our own garages, intending to take out exotics. Are you proud to be Garagistic?