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E46 Front Subframe Reinforcement Kit




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As with its predecessors (the E30 and E36) the E46 also has the same weaknesses in the front subframe where the motor mounts attach the motor to the chassis. Over the years this area sees high stress loads and could eventually fail. Especially if you have worn motor mounts. That will only transfer more stress to the subframe. If your making more then stock power then this is preventative maintenance. An absolute must on modified and tracked E46s. Our BMW E46 Front Subframe Reinforcement Kits designed for repair and reinforcement of the E46 front subframe. Our kit reinforces the thin sheet metal holding up the engine as well as the mounting ears around the engine. Our kit includes a gusset to further strengthen the mounting location and eliminate the front subframe from cracking around the motor mount area. This is a must for your E46 if you use your car to track or autocross.



Works on all E46s: 323, 325, 330, and M3s. Will also work on Z4. Installation may require minor grinding as every car has had a different life. We also now offer a core exchange program for a fully reinforced and re-coated subframe, find that HERE.



  • Two E46 motor mounts plates
  • Two E46 subframe gussets


NOTE - The reinforcements may be connected with tabs as seen in the last product photo. These will simply need to be cut off during the prep phase before welding and installation into your vehicle.