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E36 Rear Subframe Mount Chassis Reinforcement Plates




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The BMW E36 is a tried and true chassis that has many motorsport championships and wins under its name. However, the road going versions of the E36 had a few downfalls. Although not as prominent as the E46, the non-M E36 chassis tend to suffer from stress fractures in the rear where the subframe mount up to the chassis.

E36 M3s came with the following reinforcements welded to their chassis from factory (part number 4111225649) because the BMW engineers knew this was an issue for cars that saw high load situations. For any E36 that sees track time, these reinforcements are key! Drift and grip cars can all benefit from the added rigidity of the chassis with these plates installed, not to mention the peace of mind you will have by knowing that you have a solid chassis that will not tear up after a hard day at the track.

These thick plates can be welded into place to prevent cracking or tear out of the rear subframe mounting points in your E36. Do it once, do it right, and never worry about it again!

What's Included?

There are 4 plates included in each kit that correspond to the OEM BMW part numbers: 41112256498 41002256495 41112256497 41002256496

NOTE - The reinforcements may be connected with tabs as seen in the last product photo. These will simply need to be cut off during the prep phase before welding and installation into your vehicle.


- All E36 chassis
- E36 M3 already come with these reinforcements from factory