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E36 Complete Chassis Reinforcement Kit




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Do you want to make sure your E36 lasts? Well at the age the E36 now is, all of its chassis weakness have been released and well known about on the forums and community racers for some time. So we put together every single reinforcement we carry for the E36 to cover all the weaknesses of the E36 at a maximum savings package.. This includes all the rear subframe and RTAB pocket pieces as well as all subframe preventative maintenance items. Prep your car to be pushing like the ultimate driving machine is meant to. Kit even includes OEM replacement reinforcements 41002256495, 41002256496, 41112256497,41112256498 which all go to the rear subframe mounting points.

What is included in this kit?
E36 Front subframe reinforcement - Holds on to engine
E36 rear shock tower reinforcement - Stops shocks from going through trunk
E36 rear chassis subframe mounting point reinforcements - Known E36 failure
E36 RTAB pocket reinforcement - Trailing arms are known to rip out in track use
E36 rear sway reinforcement - upgraded sway cause tears in subframe
E36 front shock tower reinforcement - Avoids "mushrooming" of shock mounts

All of these reinforcements require welding and minor grinding depending on chassis life. In order to weld these plates in, the rear suspension, rear subframe, exhaust, and driveshaft must be removed. It is also strongly recommended that the back seat, rear interior, trunk interior, and fuel tank are removed. Batteries must be unplugged! Proper understanding of welding etiquette is required. This includes properly grinding undercoat and welding preparation to make sure welding penetration is achieved.