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E30 Front Subframe Reinforcement Kit




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The E30 has a weakness in the front sub-frame where the motor mounts attach the motor to the chassis. Over the years, this area sees high-stress loads and could eventually fail, and to paraphrase SouthPark, you're going to have a bad time.

That's where our BMW E30 Front Sub-frame Reinforcement Kit comes in. This kit is designed specifically for repair or reinforcement of the E30 front sub-frame mounting ears around the engine mount bushing attachment points. As your E30 ages, the front sub-frame can crack around the motor mount area; This can especially happen in hard track and autocross use.

Installation may require minor grinding as every car has had a different life.

Will require welding.

Every E30 Front Subframe Reinforcement Kit Includes

  • Two E30 motor mounts plates
  • Two E30 sub-frame gussets