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BMW Brass Clutch Fork Pivot Pin - 21511223328




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These Clutch Fork Pivot Pin (21511223328) bushings should be changed anytime the clutch fork or release bearing is removed. These units have improved durability and ensure smooth, squeak-free shifts. Having this part in hand when you're doing any job that requires the dropping of the transmission will save you time and hassle later on. A failed original plastic pivot pin can fall out, snap, or just wear out over time. Don't be left stranded because of a cheap part like this. When it fails the clutch fork won't be able to push on the throw-out bearing and your clutch will be useless. The only time to replace the clutch pivot pin is when the transmission is removed, so this can be installed during clutch replacements or a rear main seal service.

We especially recommend changing these in the older BMW such as the E39, E34, E36, and E46.

This is a durable replacement for the OEM plastic clutch pivot pin, part number: 21511223328. Our pivot pin is machined brass which will hold up much better than the OEM counterpart which flattens and breaks over time.


- Material: Made from Billet Brass
- Design: Increased Strength and durability over OEM Plastic unit
- Engineering: Designed to replace OEM part number: 21511223328