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E46 328 and 330 Early DSSR Selector Rod




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Introducing the Garagistic E46 Early 328 & 330 DSSR. This DSSR is meant for BMW E46 models that have BMW OEM selector rod part number 25111434116. E46 328 and 330 modes UP TO 03/2003.

What is a DSSR?

DSSR stands for Double Shear Selector Rod. A DSSR will spread the torsional force on both sides of the selector rod connection instead of the OEM design which connects from only one side. What this means is a more precise and smooth shift every time by eliminating slop and play. This concept was pioneered in the legendary E30 DTM cars and still holds its merit today!

Now to the details. Our DSSR is stainless steel construction and TIG welded in sunny CA, USA. Reduced play, easier shifting, all these details add up to help make a better shifter feel and experience.

Please note: Confirmed compatibility with OEM style shifter only (some shifters will need to be slightly filed down to fit). May also work with some aftermarket shifters.

***If you have upgraded to a Z3 Shifter, you will need to shave down the sides of the DSSR to fit***