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E46 325/318/323/316/320 Round Shifter Bushing Kit




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This is our complete E36 shifter bushing rebuild kit. Pairs great with our Supreme Shifter found here.

This kit replaces all of the maintenance items in the factor shifter assembly needed to make it feel fresh again. Our Garagistic Delrin or Aluminum front carrier bushings replace the original rubber bushing (which not only had lots of "give" but is usually neglected and degrades over time). The rear poly bushing will replace the very soft OEM which is a culprit for a mushy shifter feel. When replaced together, these bushings eliminate any side-to-side movement of the aluminum shift carrier. These shifter bushings fit at the front and rear of the aluminum carrier and will not increase vibration or harshness while still improving shifter feel. For best results, we recommend replacing the factory selector joint found on the end of the transmission (25117580281) and upgrading the selector rod to a DSSR.

Note on Front Carrier Shifter Bushing Fitment:
One front carrier bushing might fit differently than the other side. Click here to learn why.

The DSSR for your E46 can be found below:

E46 325i/323i

Each kit consists of:

  • Garagistic E36/46 Polyurethane Rear Carrier Bushing (fits inside 25111222015)
  • Garagistic Round Shifter Bushings - available in Delrin or Aluminum (25117519669)
  • OEM shifter cup (25111469397 or 25111220600)
  • OEM front carrier clip (25111221849)

What BMW models does this kit fit?

  • E46 318i/318ci
  • E46 325i/325ci
  • E46 316i/316ci
  • E46 320i/320ci
  • E46 323i/323ci