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Bat Aluminium Shifter Knob




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Time to upgrade that old, tired, worn out, and dirty BMW shift knob for the famous Garagistic Aluminum bat shift knob. Made in-house in the USA, these aluminum bat shift knobs offer a better throw feel and control with unmatched quality and no ghetto side set screw setups to hold it in place. Machined in our Westminster, CA location using 6061 aluminum! Not to mention that this is a direct replacement to OEM knobs using our threaded adapter (included w/ purchase) that allows you to install this shift knob like a factory knob clip setup. We took the time to develop our very own clip system that mimics the OEM BMW shift knob clip system. That means a clean-looking interior with no set screws or nightmarish press fits.

Available in raw aluminum or anodized black (we also carry a Delrin version of the shift knob). Our Aluminum bat knob has the perfect weight for that weighted shift! Our aluminum bat knob is 222 grams to be exact.

Why would you want a shift knob that's a little heavier?

The answer relates to basic physics. A heavy gear knob carries with it more kinetic energy and has greater momentum than a less light gear knob traveling at the same speed. You may think that its only a little heavier, and you would be right, but it doesn't take much difference for you to feel. Since kinetic energy and momentum are directly proportional to the mass of an object, the more massive (heavy) an object is the more kinetic energy it carries with it through its movement, and it has a greater momentum than a less massive object traveling at the same speed. In English, this means less effort to get into gear as well as a smoother engagement.

Once you try driving with a weighted gear knob, you will never want to go back to stock. The difference is quite simply amazing. There is no need to cut, drill, or modify your factory shift lever to install. Please note that for BMWs with integrated shift boots modification will be required. Installation Difficulty is very BASIC (Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required). You will be required to remove your original shift knob in order to install this shift knob. Removing of your original knob is done by pulling up on the knob with high force without hitting yourself in the face.


What comes in the box?

  • 1x Shift Knob
  • 1x Threaded Adapter


What BMWS will this shift knob work in?

Although this will fit any BMW, BMWs with integrated shift boots will require modification will be required.

It is period correct for: E21 E28 E30 E34 E36 E46

Delivery times for this product may vary depending on the supplier. This can be up to 2-3 weeks. Please contact us prior to purchase if you require an up to date estimated delivery time.