We Are Back! Welcome 2022!

Firstly, I have to send our a big thank you to all of our customers from 2021. It is only possible that we are able to keep offering products to the Australian market because of all your support! We have had the opportunity to meet many of our customers and enthusiasts which has been an absolute pleasure.

2022. Well, let's just hope that it's better than 2021 in many aspects. For those which we can control, Bavarian Speed Shop is going to be bringing more exciting products to Australian shores. We will not only be restocking on all of your favourite products, we will be getting the latest from Garagistic. The guys from Garagistic are developing leading edge products for the BMW scene and we are excited to be supplying their products. Truly track tested products - you can be rest assured knowing that their products truly are built to last.

Another range of exciting products is also on it's way. Think restoration products. We will start to stock products to help you get rid of BMW's worst enemy - RUST! It's almost a factory option ticked into most BMW E30's with many other models starting to follow suit with age. With most of these products only available overseas, we are trying to bridge the gap to make all these parts more accessible for BMW enthusiasts.

So we are officially open for business again and excited to see what 2022 holds for us. So whether you own an E30, E36, E46 or newer - be sure to keep an eye out for products to suit your vehicle!


Modify - Perform - Maintain!