Sloppy E30 Throttle Pedal? Fix it with these parts!

Sloppy E30 Throttle Pedal? Fix it with these parts!

Two distinct accelerator types were introduced with the BMW E30, corresponding to early and late model versions. However, determining which version is installed in a particular vehicle can sometimes be ambiguous.

Typically,an EarlyModel Accelerator Pedal assembly looked like the following image. Thecorresponding part number for this particular item is 35411118210.In fact, these pedals were also found in the E23, E24 and E28.


If theabove accelerator pedal does not suit your model, than you likely have the LateModel Accelerator Pedal with a part number 35411156488.Both of these models are only slightly different but critical you select theright version for your BMW. It’s interesting to note that this late modelversion is only suitable for the E30 platform.


Replacement is a straight forward affair but be warned, there are other issues that are associated with the accelerator pedal that may be of concern once you dig deeper. 

Firstly, Rust. Yes,the most dreaded word for BMW Enthusiasts alike. If you find that the supporting bracket for your accelerator bracket is rusted or corroded, it is likely that your floor pan panel is also suffering the same fate. Luckily, we do stock parts to make these repairs easier for either yourself or your panel beater. Jump across to see to see available Rust Panels for both Driver’s & Passenger sides.

Secondly, a worn rubber grommet throttle cable bush that connects your accelerator pedal to the throttle cable is the culprit for issues like unresponsive throttles – if you haven’t replaced it on your classic BMW, then chances are it will need replacing! Fitting a range of different models (E23, E24,E28, E30, E31, E32, E34, E36, E38, E39 and Z3 E36) the Rubber Grommet for Accelerator Cable - 35411152331 is available on our site.

Thirdly, there is the Accelerator Pedal Bracket Bushings - 35411119016which allows your accelerator to be firmly mounted to the pedal set.Worn, broken or non-existent bracket bushes will lead to a squeaky pedalthat is sloppy, loose and plenty of sideways play.Luckily, there aretwo options available for replacement of this particular bushing:

OEM– Replace like for like with these rubber bushes

Delrin– Set & Forget. Replace with Delrin and never worry about this issue again!

These options are suitable for E23, E24, E28, E30, E32, E34, E36 & Z3 owners.

*** Please note that there is also the Accelerator Pedal Shaft Bushing - 35411100674which is also suitable for E12, E21, E23,E24, E28, E36, E38, E39,2.5CS-3.0CSL, 1500-2000CS, 1502-2002tii & Z3. If you are unsurewhich part is suitable for your BMW – then cross reference your VIN or shoot us an email on!