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E46 328 and 330 Early DSSR Selector Rod



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BMW E46 EARLY 328 & 330 DSSR

Introducing the Garagistic E46 Early 328 & 330 DSSR. This DSSR is meant for BMW E46 models that have BMW OEM selector rod part number 25111434116. E46 328 and 330 modes UP TO 03/2003.

What's a DSSR?

Well, it stands for double shear selector rod, it's a selector rod that will spread the torsional force on both sides of the selector rod instead of the OEM piece which connects from one side only. Based on the concept of the E30 M3 DTM cars of legend! Going to a DSSR in your E30 will mean less play in the shifter, (decreases side to side motion). This means a more precise and smooth shift every time.

Now to the details. Our DSSR is stainless steel construction and TIG welded right here in sunny CA, USA. Reduced play, easier shifting, all these details add up to help make a better shifter feel and experience.

Please note: Confirmed compatibility with OEM style shifter only (some shifters will need to be slightly filed down to fit). May also work with some aftermarket shifters.

Note: Updated designs have no bend - though if you clearance is tight, applying a slight bend is very easy and straight forward. Head to the Installation tab for more information.


Material: 304 Stainless Steel
E30 190mm 325e 325es Selector Rod DSSR 25111220565
E46 237mm DSSR Selector Rod Replacement
9     Straight selector rod        QTY: 1             Part Number:     25111434116


  • 1x 237mm DSSR Selector Rod
  • Hardware to suit.


  •  E46 328 and 330 modes UP TO 03/2003



Step 1: With a flat head screwdriver remove the locking clip by pushing on the inside lip of the clip to slide it off the selector rod on the shifter side on selector joint side.

Step 2: Wiggle and pull the selector rod until it's free on both ends. Pay attention to the bends of the selector rod and how it came off as it will be your guide on how to install the DSSR in the proper direction.

Step 3: Grab your Garagistic DSSR and starting with the selector joint side first line up the holes on the DSSR with the selector joint. It should be a tight fit but if it's too tight open the tabs a bit till you achieve proper fitment. Once aligned slide the provided pins in with a washer on each side followed by the c-clip to lock it in. Repeat on the shifter side.

Notice: If you upgraded to a Z3 shifter you will have to shave down the sides of the shifter for the DSSR to fit

*Instructions are intended to provide general information only. We recommend a professional automotive technician install any of our products.

How to bend your DSSR

If your OEM selector rod has a bend, you may need to replicate that bend for proper fitment in your car. This process is very straightforward and all you need is a vice and some sockets.

Arrange your sockets as shown in the photos below with the larger socket on the bottom. Make sure your DSSR is perfectly flat because if you bend it at an angle, then it may effect fitment in your car. Carefully and slowly tighten your vice until you nearly match the bend in the stock selector rod.
Bend Your DSSR Early 328 330
Bending Your DSSR 328 330
Note: If your DSSR gets "kinked", see photo, do not worry because even some OEM BMW selector rods are manufactured with a similar "kink".



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